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A multifunctional telegram bot.


Welcome to PondeBOT official site. If you want to know ALL the commands and a short description of them you should probably go to PondeBOT Commands.

If you want to see a detailed use of some of the most used commands you should continue reading.


Game Stats Commands

This commands are used to get the stats of the listed games, all the games have a similar output.

!apex - Apex Legends

Returns the Apex Legends stats, it works for all platforms.

If you want to know the stats type !apex PLATFORM USERNAME

For example:

!apex pc Mrpondere

Available platforms:

!pubg - Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

Returns the pubg stats for the specified mode, only for PC users.

If you use the same nickname in telegram and in pubg you can directly use !pubg without nickname.

If you use the command with a nickname, the next call will refer to this nickname so you can avoid it.

Available modes

The default mode is: squad

Available regions

The default region is: EU


> !pubg shroud na
> !pubg shroud solo-fpp na
> !pubg pondere duo
> !pubg duo


!brawlhalla - Brawlhalla

Playing brawlhalla? You can get your stats for 1v1 and 2v2 with this command. You need to call the command with your steam id. Only ranked stats from the last season will be shown.

> !brawlhalla pondere

!fortnite - Fortnite

The use of this command is similar to the pubg one.

Available modes


> !fortnite mrpondere solo

!cr - Clash Royale

To show your clash royale stats you need your tag and call the command with the tag.

!cr 9YU9QQ9U


This command will give your ranked stats and your most used champions. It’s use is similar to pubg and fortnite as you need a region.

!lol shroud na

Custom Commands

With custom commands you can add the commands you want for your group, be creative!

To open the web interface you just need to talk in the group you want to add custom commands to with !token once you do that the bot in a private conversation will give you an url and you will have access to the custom commands web panel.

Other commands


Do you need to share your steam link very often? With !setsteam you can add your link and then you can let the bot share your link with !steam.

Note: You need to add your id or profile after the !setsteam command.


> !setsteam pondere
Steam updated.
> !setsteam 7656119803453570
Steam updated.
> !steam


Same usage as steam, it’s useful if you have two steam accounts.


Use this command to add make a meme of your text with Matias image.


> !matias First line Second line



If you appreciate my bot and you want to donate me you can use that command to see how you can do that :)